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Toxicology Textbooks

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NLM Call Number Classification: QV

California Poison Control System Answer Book : Commonly-asked Questions about Poisonings and Prevention, 2nd ed./ by UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy and UC Davis Medical Group; 2001.
Utilizing uniform protocols and guidelines results in uniform quality poison information for the layperson. Although this book can increase your knowledge about prevention and first aid, it is not intended as a substitute for a call to a Poison Center if you have a problem. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

Dobbs: Clinical Neurotoxicology: Syndromes, Substances, Environments, 1st ed. - 2009. --- ClinicalKey

Fraunfelder: Clinical Ocular Toxicology: Drugs, Chemicals, and Herbs, 1st ed. - 2008. --- ClinicalKey

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Recognition and Management of Pesticide Poisonings , 5th ed. / edited by Routt Reigart, MD and James Roberts, MD; 1999.
Covers the toxicology, signs and symptoms of poisoning, and treatment in 19 chapters on major types of pesticides; of which there are over 1,500 included. Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

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