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Pharmacology Textbooks

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NLM Call Number Classification: QV

Bennett: Clinical Pharmacology, 11th ed.; 2012. --- ClinicalKey

Brenner: Pharmacology, 4th ed.; 2013. --- ClinicalKey

Essential Drugs: Practical Guidelines, 2013 Edition
This practical manual is a collective effort of many medical professionals from many disciplines all in accordance with the WHO list of essential medicines.

Electronic Orange Book: Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations

Medical Abbreviations Dictionary

Raffa: Netter's Illustrated Pharmacology, 2nd ed.; 2014. --- ClinicalKey

Rang: Rang & Dale's Pharmacology, 8th ed.; 2016. --- ClinicalKey

Waldman: Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Principles to Practice, 1st ed.; 2009. --- ClinicalKey

Wecker: Brody's Human Pharmacology, 5th ed.; 2010. --- ClinicalKey

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