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Evidence-Based Practice Tools

This page with its set of links is designed for clinicians who want to incorporate the best available evidence-based resources with their own personal skills and expertise.

The ultimate result hoped for is in the improvement for the care of their patient.

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  • Key EBM Resource Tools [click here and learn how to use these key EBM tools]
  • Cochrane Systematic Reviews (in full text) via Wiley
    This is the full text of the Cochrane Library of Evidence Based Medicine Reviews. Fully searchable, it provides evidence from Cochrane and other systematic reviews, clinical trials, and more. When not on the Samaritan network, a username and password is required and obtainable from any library staff member.

    FirstConsult via ClinicalKey
    First Consult is an authoritative evidence-based and continuously updated clinical information resource for healthcare professionals. Designed for use at point of care, it provides instant, user-friendly access to the latest information on evaluation, diagnosis, clinical management, prognosis, and prevention.

    You can find and search FirstConsult by clicking on the All Types drop down menu to the left of the ClinicalKey seacrh box.

    Search from over 25 million citations in the life sciences back to 1948. Choose the Clinical Queries option under PubMed Tools column on the homepage to use these special comprehensive search strategies:
    Clinical Study Categories | Systematic Reviews

    Another option is the Practice Guideline subset on the Left Side of the page of initial search results on the PubMed page.

  • EBM Basics
  • EBM Glossary
    Bandolier provides links to definitions for the jargon words often used in medicine and the numbers and statistics used to describe it. The glossary includes terms used in epidemiology, in clinical trials, in diagnosis, in statistics, and in health economics.

    Statistical Terms in EBM
    New York Online Access to Health has provided a list of resources and sites that link to information helping you understand statistical terms in EBM.

    Tools for Each Step of the EBM Process
    The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine has created a five-step approach to EBM starting from asking focused questions to evaluating the performance of the evidence.

  • Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM)
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Evidence-Based Practice Resources
    These have been created to inform and develop coverage decisions, quality measures, educational materials and tools, and guidelines in clinical decision-making.

    Information comes from systematic reviews, meta-analyses, randomised trials, and from high quality observational studies through PubMed and the Cochrane Library searches in addition to large epidemiological studies.

    Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
    Established in Oxford England whose broad aim is to promote evidence-based health care and provide support and resources to anyone who wants to make use of them.

    Cochrane Reviews
    Published on a quarterly basis it consists of a regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases providing high quality information to people who provide and receive care and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels. Search abstracts of Cochrane Systematic Reviews free-of-charge.

    Dr. Chris Cates' EBM Web Site "new"
    This site is an attempt to share some of Dr. Cates' experiences that he has gained as a GP in Hertfordshire and a reviewer with the Cochrane Collaboration.

    Evidence-Based Medicine Resource Center
    The New York Academy of Medicine in partnership with the Evidence-based Medicine Committee of the American College of Physicians, New York Chapter has developed an Evidence-based Medicine Resource Center. The web site contains references, bibliographies, tutorials, glossaries, and on-line databases to guide those embarking on teaching and practicing evidence-based medicine.

    Evidence-Based Practice Resources
    Here you will find a well-maintained and frequently updated list from McMaster University health Sciences Library, Ontario, Canada.

    Evidence-Based On-Call
    This database is designed for hospital clinicians who want to integrate the best available evidence with their own personal skills and expertise to improve the care of their patients. Each topic covered in Evidence-based On Call provides a series of recommendations about issues to consider when caring for your patients.

    Netting the Evidence
    Intended to facilitate evidence-based healthcare by providing support and access to helpful organizations and useful learning resources on the Internet, such as an evidence-based virtual library, software and journals.

  • Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
  • BestBETs
    BestBETs provides evidence-based answers to very specific clinical problems, using the best available evidence.

    Search PubMed with PICO (Patient, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome) is a method used for structuring clinical questions in the literature and for those interested in evidence-based medicine. It can be used on the handheld as well with the same web address.

    SUMSearch is a unique method of searching for medical evidence by using the Internet. SUMSearch combines meta-searching and contingency searching in order to automate searching for medical evidence.

    TRIP : Turning Research Into Practice Database
    The TRIP Database searches over 55 sites of high-quality medical information providing hyperlinked access to the largest collection of 'evidence-based' material on the web as well as articles from peer-reviewed journals and 'other' publications.