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SHS Staff Requests

Medical literature subject searches: Library staff can provide you with lists of abstracts of articles from which you could choose the articles that interest you or we can simply provide you straight off with articles that seem appropriate to your needs—your choice. Please specify the search parameters in terms of how far back in time you’d like us to look; the date you must have the info (ASAP?); the age range of the patient population involved (All adults? The elderly? Infants?) and other details you consider pertinent (e.g. inpatient only). Please indicate whether you need consumer, physician or nurse level info.

Articles: If you already know the title of the articles you need please provide the author, the place of publication, year and, if possible, page numbers and, if you found the article in PubMed, the PMID number:

Mohty M. Systemic lupus erythematosus. N Engl J Med.
2008 May 29;358(22):2412-3; author reply 2413.
No abstract available.
PMID: 18512279 [PubMed - in process]

General Public Requests

One-on-one Tutorials: We also offer one-on-one or group tutorials by library staff on how to search PubMed and other online sources of medical info.

Medical literature subject searches: We will do our best to provide you basic background on health care-related issues with the caveat that we are librarians and not heath care practitioners.

Articles on medical subjects of interest

General assistance with health care information: we would be delighted to help you if we can.

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