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About Samaritan Health Services Libraries

The Murray Memorial Library located in Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center in Corvallis, Oregon may be found on the first floor next to our gift shop. It serves the entire Samaritan Health Services system and its employees along with the public..

The Stanley K. Davis Library located at Samaritan Albany General Hospital in Albany, Oregon is located on the fourth floor also serves all SHS employees and members of the public.

Library Hours

  • Murray Memorial Library:
  • Monday - Friday from 8:30 am 'til 5:00 pm

  • Stanley K. Davis Library:
  • Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am 'til 5:00 pm

  • Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital Medical Library:
  • Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 am 'til 2:00 pm

Library Staff

Library staff is available to assist both SHS staff and the general public during the hours we are open. SHS employees may access either library after hours by contacting library staff.

Murray Memorial Library Staff:

Kenneth H. Willer, MLS Manager - Library Services for Samaritan Health Services

Paul Porter, MSLIS - Library Tech Specialist

Stanley K. Davis Library Staff:

Douglas Hambley, MLIS - Librarian

Our Website

As our web-based services and collection of electronic information resources continue to grow access to the Medical Library Gateway  services will also continue to grow. As our growth continues, many of the library resources will continue to gravitate online with the offering of electronic indexes and databases. Our selection of online textbooks and journals with full text availability will continue to grow, as well.

Look for the "new" signifying an addition to the Medical Library Gateway offerings.

These web site pages are regularly updated and the links are periodically verified using an online link-checker as well as manually by the library staff


Samaritan Health Services and its Library staff are committed to maintaining a web site that protects the individual’s right to privacy. We do not require personal information from our visitors, nor do we collect any personally identifying information (name, email address, Social Security number, or other unique identifier) unless you knowingly provide it. Likewise, we do not give, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party except as might be required by law.

Advertising and Financial Policy

Advertising is not a source of revenue for this web site. Medical sites that we link to may have clearly marked advertising and to that end, we are not opposed to it as their source of funding. As a direct part of Samaritan Health Services, our main financial support is from the health system and its affiliates. Information presented does not necessarily represent or imply approval or recommendation by Samaritan Health Services and the administrator of these web site pages.

Page Last Updated: March 12, 2015